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I believe that all birthing women and their babies deserve to be treated as divine beings

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Pregnancy Support

Are you pregnant and in need of physical and emotional support?

Do you need assistance in caring for your children while you rest?


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Birth Support

Are you birthing at home?

Do you want to be supported emotionally, spiritually and physically?

Are you in need of a birth keeper to hold space for you and your family during your labour and birth?


Postpartum Planning Session

Are you wanting guidance in planning your early postpartum period?

Would you like to know more about the fourth trimester?

Are you in need of tools to use to experience a restful time after birth?


Want to explore ways of telling unhelpful visitors to either help or don't visit?

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Postpartum Support

Do you value the importance of a restful period after birthing your baby?

Are you a first time parent wanting guidance as you navigate life with a newborn?

Are you in need of extra hands to help with siblings, housework duties or meal preparation?

Are you in need of physical and emotional support during your early days after birthing your baby?

Are you wanting to buy an awesome baby shower gift?



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