About Karley


I am Karley. 

I am a birth space holder.

I am a newborn mother hugger.

I am a witness of the immense power that all women contain deep within.

I am here to support you on your journey during your pregnancy, birth and fourth trimester.

I have chosen to walk the path as a doula as I see

Birth as a rite of passage that needs to be honoured

I am here to support, encourage and love you as you venture through parenthood and the rebirth of yourself. 

I work with women who are willing and open to be transformed by their birthing experience.

I nurture and support families as they make their transition into life with a baby.

When I am not spending hours trying to bloody figure out how to create a website, I can be found loving my two daughters and husband (Or, could also be found hiding in the house somewhere from my two daughters and husband).

My days are filled to the brim with songs, stories, changing nappies, Bluey, preparing snacks, housing the local lost dogs we always seem to magically find, explaining to my 3 year old why we cant keep the local lost dogs and diffusing essential oils.


I look forward to meeting you as you navigate your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Karley xx