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3 Point Guide to Caring for a Newborn Mother

Newborn mothers needs to be loved on so much more than what we are currently doing. During the sacred time after birth there are a lot of changes happening in her body and mind.

We need to honour this time as a sacred rite of passage.

A time of being gentle, being kept warm and going slow.

"I am free Monday morning, I would love to have to opportunity to love on you, what time suits best?, Morning or afternoon?".

"This wont the usual visit to a newborn mother. This visit is going to be a newborn mother love-fest".

When you arrive, wash your hands, boil the kettle, ask if she would like a tea, light a candle, create a space where she can feel nurtured.

  1. Nourishing Care.

Prepare a snack or meal for her ready to nourish her on your arrival. While you are there, feed her, prepare snacks that can be eaten one handed.

Prepare meals that are nutrient dense, warming and easy to digest.

2. Practical Care.

Change her bed sheets, do a load of washing, wash dishes in the sink, clean the bathroom, tidy her nest and fluff up her cushions. Offer to hold her baby or wear her baby in a carrier while she can take a shower or bath.

3. Emotional Care.

Listen to her, let her articulate her joys, worries and stresses. Leave an affirmation card or love note on her bedside table or on the bathroom mirror. Give her a shoulder or foot massage.

Next time you are visiting a newborn mother I encourage you to make your visit more conscious and nurturing for her.

It so important that we love our newborn mother more.

Less sitting on the lounge holding her baby and more nurturing, practical and emotional support

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