Postpartum Support

A newborn Mother deserves so much love and nurturing in the early days and weeks of their postpartum.

It is my mission as your doula to ensure that you are well-rested, nourished, supported and loved.

Postpartum support packages are designed around your individual needs.


How does this all work?

Packages are bundled in hours.


You organise when you need my assistance and those hours will be deducted from your bundle.

Once you have selected your bundle we can start working together!

We will organise a planning session (which won't chip into your bundled hours) where I can clarify exactly what you are needing from me during your postpartum.

I believe that support needs to be individualised. You may be a first time Mumma that would like guidance with sleep and settling or maybe your a Mumma of 2 children already and would like extra physical and emotional support. 


I want to gain an understanding of how I can best support you, whatever that looks like.


What is included?

A planning session to clarify your intentions 

I will provide emotional support. Sometimes all it takes is a hot cup of tea and a chat.

 I will bring nourishing food for you specifically designed to fuel your postpartum body.

I will ensure that you are well-rested. I can love and hold your baby for you while you take a well-deserved bath or shower.

I have several years of experience working with children. I would love to assist with the care of siblings.

I can help with preparing meals and snacks for you.

I am happy to tidy your newborn nest, fluff up the cushions and do some light housework.

I can help with any breastfeeding issues that you may encounter. (If I don't know the answer then I can help you find the correct support)

I can share my knowledge of baby development with you.

I can show you the ropes with babywearing and can help with finding the perfect baby carrier for you.