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1:1 Virtual Sessions

Regardless of where you are located in the world we can still work together! Yipee. 

I don't want your geographical location to stop you from feeling nurtured and supported.

The two main virtual sessions that I offer are:

 Homebirth/freebirth discovery calls and Doula Mentoring Sessions 


Homebirth discovery calls are prefect for the woman who wants to know more about home birthing or free birthing.

You may or may not be already pregnant.

You might have always dreamed of birthing your baby at home and are wanting some extra guidance.

During these sessions we discuss whatever your little heart desires. 

Doula Mentoring Sessions are perfect for women wanting to walk the path of becoming a doula or for doulas who are in need of a little inspiration. 

During these sessions we can discuss how and where to start your birth work journey.

For already established doulas I offer big hearted birth debriefing.

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