1:1 Virtual Sessions

Regardless of where you are located in the world we can still work together! Yipee. 

I don't want your geographical location to stop you from feeling nurtured and supported.

The two main virtual sessions that I offer are birth coaching sessions and a Homebirth/freebirth discovery calls. 


Homebirth discovery calls are prefect for the woman who wants to know more about homebirthing or freebirthing.

You may or may not be already pregnant.

You might have always dreamed of birthing you baby at home and are wanting some extra juicy information to support your choices.

During these sessions we discuss setting up your space, how to prepare physically and emotionally as well as 

Birth coaching sessions are perfect for women and their partners who are choosing to birth within the system.

During these sessions we discuss how to navigate the system, routine testing, pain relief techniques, positions and tips and tricks for partners.